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Payment Policy

1. Students shall pay tuition fees on a monthly basis. A part from senior medical students, those who wish to pay their semester fees in one, two or three installments are free to do so. 

2. All students are required to clearly pay their monthly fees within the first week of each month.

3. Newly enrolled students are required to pay for registration, identity card (ID), and one month full payment of tuition fees at the registrations time. Failure to do so could lead to cancellation of your admission.

4. Any student who is enrolled during a semester will pay the tuition fees per semester fully. 

5. All students must obtain clearance from the finance department a week earlier before the exam begins. No student whatsoever will be allowed to sit for the exams before clearing all the outstanding balances. Students must ensure that they receive a fully stamped clearance card after they have paid all the pending fees otherwise, no student will be allowed to do his/her examination without the official clearance card. 6. Scholarships or discounts offered by the university are restricted to tuition fees only. Therefore, scholarship or discount recipients must pay other fees such as registration fee, ID fee, other charges, thesis/project supervision fee, study mode/program change fee, re-exam/special exam fee, certificate, graduation ceremony fee, deferral, withdrawal form fee, mark-sheet fee and administrative fee. 

7. Students with tuition arrears of up to two months will not be allowed to attend classes without first being cleared by the finance department. 

8. Students must keep all financial documents offered by the university or banks (including; scholarship/discount forms, university and banks payment receipts, etc.) at all times for future reference. Otherwise, University of Somalia reserves the right not to honour or consider any claims related to lost or displaced documents. 

9. Students must submit payment receipts (bank deposit slips) to the finance department offices in their respective campuses within three days from the date of depositing money into the bank. 

10. Any student who owes money to the university should fill and sign account receivables payment agreement form,  and should adhere to terms and conditions on that form.

11. In some occasions such as examination time, students are required to pay tuition fees for more than two months and other charges in one installment. Students who do not adhere to this policy requirement will not be allowed to access to their academic assessments grades or results.

12. According to the university calendar, the finance offices in all campuses are supposed to close down the first day of the examination time. Students are advised to clear all their outstanding balances at least one day before the beginning of the exams to avoid inconveniences. 

13. The recipients of scholarship or discount should bring filled and endorsed  Scholarship or Discount Forms from the Vice Chancellors Office to the finance department within the first month of the semester. Any scholarships or discounts without the endorsement of the vice chancellor will be considered INVALID therefore unenforceable. 

14. All students on scholarship or discount schemes are required to renew their scholarship and discount status at the beginning of every semester. Failure to do so would render the finance department to consider your scholarship or discount as expired.